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Technical Desserts - Philippe Lauzier
Technical Desserts - Philippe Lauzier Avatar (2019)

Avatar is happy to unveil the fifth clip of its Technical Desserts, a whimsical initiative to offer technical advice through the practices of artist members and artists in residency.

Watch the clip here

As they demystify technical processes involved in the creation of installations, mechanisms, and prototypes, the Technical Desserts highlight the equipment and expertise available to artists at Avatar. Unravelling a world of possibilities, the series of clips presents artists’ perspective on technique as a constituent of sound and electronic art.

For the series’ fifth clip, Avatar has asked interdisciplinary artist and musician Philippe Lauzier à to play along. Earlier this year, he was in residency at Avatar to complete the production of Pianotissage, an installation presented at the Mois Multi. We took advantage of his creation time gap in our space to shoot this clip highlighting a precious asset in our pool of equipment: the Disklavier piano. Philippe Lauzier invites us to discover a few of technical tips he uses in the preparation of the piano. The interaction between the chords on the instrument and the various components of the installation (electronic circuits, coils, threads, wooden blocks, screws) play a role in the elaboration of an organic sound work, with a side of dessert, of course!

About Philippe Lauzier
Philippe Lauzier is an improviser musician, a composer and an interdisciplinary artist. After his studies in composition from 1998 to 2002, he dedicated much of his time to the art of improvisation on the saxophone, and later, the bass clarinet which becomes his instrument of predilection. He took part in several tours and residencies in Canada, Europe, USA, Mexico, Australia and China. His interest for interdisciplinary and collaborative practices also led him to create sound installations for various festivals, as well as original music for films and dance. Since 2015, Philippe has been developing an interdisciplinary production at the crossroad of music, sound, and visual arts with artist Frédérique Laliberté (Motel Hélène). With more than fifteen albums to his credit, Philippe has recently made three solo works.

Artist’s website

The Technical Desserts are an original idea of Avatar’s Nathalie LeBlanc. Josiane Roberge has been selected to design and direct the clips. Thanks to the artists and members who have played along!

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