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Sillons Christof Migone (2015)

Closing a store, Sillons. The pursuit of a work of an artist, Record Release 7 ". The wink of an audio art center. In the end, a tribute.

A groove is an engraving on the matter in its space and throughout its time. It is the fruit of a brand that leaves traces. A groove rarely comes alone, he makes sens with others and in a time that evokes the past, the present and promises animates the future.

When grooves are absent, there is a lack, either a hollow on the surface, but in its content. There is only one smooth surface slips.

Without grooves. Where there is a return to the raw material pellets from an oil range. Diskless. Without or without the other. Unless a poster for each. Silkscreen announcing an end, the spiral has reached its center. The black hole in the middle on a future overflows outside the threshold of our listening.

Sillons le disquaire closed its doors after more than thirty years of passion. Always willing about the projects and publications of Avatar, this closure has touched and inspired Christof Migone. Silkscreens have been posted on one of the outer walls of the store on Aberdeen Street in Quebec City. A special thank's to Engramme.

First serigraphy of Christof Migone.
Second serigraphy of Christof Migone.
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