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Electricity Matters & sound improvisation
Electricity Matters & sound improvisation Nataliya Petkova (2015)

Avatar invites artists and public to participate to Sound improvisation with electricity, a workshop of Nataliya Petkova, 27 and 28 November and to a performance of the ephemeral and flexible art collective Electricity Matters.

Sound Improvisation with electricity workshop
Bringing together the electronics, sound and experimenting, the workshop is based on current practices of digital art and new media. Sound improvisation with electricity takes place over two days.

Details and inscriptions here.

Electricity Matters
Nataliya Petkova take his time at Avatar to present a performance of ephemeral Electricity Matters collective whose instruments have been designed during the workshop Improvisation sound with electricity which artists participate. These artists will be selected and will begin work before the workshop (mainly Internet exchanges).

With instruments created during the workshop, the group will present a sound performance before a public and simultaneously on the Internet (Le Placard).

The selection of the participant is through an open call. Submit your application letter and curriculum vitae to electricitymatters@hotmail.com by November 2, 2015, Five seats are available. A fee come with the performance.

Profile sought for ephemeral collective: Artists and art students (university); Basic knowledge of electronic circuits; Available for weekly Internet exchanges between November 1 and November 26; Available for workshop (November 27-28) and performance of the evening (November 28); CV and cover letter.

Electricity Matters
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